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Swiss made VICTORINOX knives


Leading Supplier of quality tools

All Abattoir Equipment
Slaughter house

HG1 and CY1 Stunners

Humane Slaughter Tool

Leading Provider of Meat Processing and Butchery Equipment

Abattoir Equipment


Beef meat producing equipment
Beef meat producing equipment


Ibex meat producing equipment
Ibex meat producing equipment


Pork meat producing equipment
Pork meat producing equipment


Termet equipment
Termet equipment


Sheep and Goat meat producing equipment
Sheep and Goat meat producing equipment

TECNA Balancers

TECNA meat producing equipment
TECNA meat producing equipment

At Kentmaster Ireland, we have been a leading supplier in the meat industry in Ireland since 1996.

Here at Kentmaster Ireland, we provide only the finest meat processing equipment machines, butchery equipment and tools to slaughterhouses, abattoirs, butchers and supplies. In addition our stock is also suitable for commercial kitchens, chefs and budding home cooks who are looking for the best names in the industry and quality solutions all the way down to sharpening tools.

Kentmaster manufacturing facilities

At the industrial end, we produce and stock an array of premium processing machinery for cutting solutions that help reduce production time and help increase a smooth and systematic workflow at every level, while also providing superior quality assurance throughout every step of the process.

All our machinery adheres to the strictest manufacturing codes for the industry and are fully compliant with all applicable regulations and laws.

With our expertise, you are sure to find exactly what you need – no matter what part of the meat processing chain you are working in.

Whether it’s new equipment for vital systems in your processing operation, consultation on setting up a new abattoir or slaughterhouse, replacement parts or PPE - At Kentmaster Ireland we have the right machinery or tools to assist you to get the job done.

Working Closely Together

Through consultation and advice, when we work closely with companies or individuals they stay with us for the long term, safe in the knowledge we will always have a solution for them when it comes to the meat industry in Ireland.

With an impressive range of quality products, Kentmaster Ireland is your reliable partner. We are here to help streamline your production line and elevate your operations.

Our team of experts boasts a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, ensuring that you receive the best possible advice and solutions to meet your specific needs.

If you're looking to enhance your meat processing capabilities and improve your bottom line, look no further than us here.