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Kentmaster Ireland: Revolutionising Meat Processing and Hygiene

8th November 2023

Kentmaster Ireland stocks and distributes high-quality meat processing and hygiene technology to the food industry. Since its establishment in the 1990s, the company has helped open and supply many businesses, big and small. 

Services comprise:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance of meat processing equipment

Working in partnership with clients, the team of well-trained professionals strive to tailor solutions that cover each client’s specific needs and challenges to achieve high standards in terms of hygiene, safety and conveniences in meat processing.

This has been a great help by Kentmaster Ireland towards the industry. Their solutions are customised for any client requirement to meet industry regulations and standards. 

They also offered consultancy services to businesses looking at enhancing the efficacy and sanitisation of their operations. Moreover, Kentmaster Ireland has been the brain behind new age and modernised equipment that has significantly changed meat processing. 

Not only is their equipment efficient, but it is also environmentally friendly, which makes them pacesetters in the industry’s sustainability curve.

As a trusted partner and solution provider for businesses in the meat processing industry, Kentmaster Ireland has earned a reputation for excellence. 

They are among the most experienced and skilled players who have run ahead of others in numerous areas.

Irish Meat Production on the Up

Since the 1990s, Ireland has risen sharply. Here are some statistics to illustrate this trend:

By 1990, the total meat production in Ireland stood at roughly 800 thousand tons, of which approximately six hundred tonnes had been exported. Beef constituted 73%, pigmeat was 19%, and sheep meat came in at 8%.

• In 2000, Ireland made about 1 million pounds of meat and shipped about 0.79 million tonnes outside its borders. The percentage shares included in beef were 67%, while those included in pigmeat and sheep totalled 23% and 10%, respectively.

• The country is estimated to have generated some 1.2 million tons in meat production, with about a million sent outside the country’s border in 2010. The bulk of it was beef, pork, and lamb, which accounted for 64%, 26% and 10%, respectively.

• In Ireland, for instance, the country’s total meat production in 2020 was almost 1.5 million tons and about a gross of the entire production, or approximately over 1.3 million tons, went to exportation. Beef, pigmeat and sheepmeat constituted the major types of meat produced at 61%, 28 %and 11% respectively.

From these statistics, meat production from the Irish meat manufacturers has almost doubled since the 1990s, and so has the export share. The pigmeat and sheepmeat sectors have been the leading sector in this.

At Kentmaster Ireland, new stock and equipment have been brought in to ensure that the industry can benefit from an increase in demand.  

The Meat Industry’s Industrial Revolution

The meat industry has, in the recent past, undergone a massive revolution due to advancements in technology. Presently, there are various advanced technologies that have provided significant impacts to meat manufacturers, slaughterhouses and abattoirs, including butcheries. 

First, the advent of sophisticated processing technologies enabled the production of quality meat products with very little wastage. Processing of meat then demands much less energy as new technologies have automated the processes and eliminated the need for manual labour. 

This has improved efficiency and increased overall hygiene and safety concerns.

Furthermore, there have been tremendous advancements in the packaging of meat. More recently, vacuum packaging has found its way into the area of preserving meat to extend its shelf life. 

This, along with modified atmosphere packaging technology, has helped to prolong the life of meat products, minimise wastage, and enhance profitability. 

In addition, the application of food-grade lubricant and detergent has upgraded hygiene in meat plants, mitigating contamination that promotes conformity to industry rules.

AI and Robotics

The deployment of robotics and artificial intelligence is another notable development within the meat industry. 

One example is the development of a highly precise and accurate robotics system that can carry out tasks like slicing, deboning, portioning, etc.

Notably, it has increased workforce efficiency and reduced accidents and injury incidences. Moreover, artificial intelligence is involved in the construction of predictive maintenance systems capable of identifying possible equipment breakdowns instead of interruptions leading to extra production.


Technological innovations in the meat industry have improved its efficiency levels, hygiene, and profitability quotients on board. With time, technology keeps developing, resulting in other developments that have been known to improve the effectiveness and ability of the industry to be sustainable. And Kentmaster Ireland will always be the one to go to for the latest solutions.