Are you in the business of pork or related meat production? If so, you’re likely familiar with the harsh realities that come with an industry such as this. Quality control, health and safety protocols, organisation and communication are just a few issues that must be taken into consideration when handling anything to do with the process of creating quality pork.

Accurate processes are essential for abattoirs and butchers alike to ensure efficient operation – one way being through the use of appropriate machinery.

The right pig culling machines, engineered specifically for your needs can make all the difference when it comes to putting out a quality product while also ensuring animal welfare regulations are met.

At Kentmaster Ireland we have been at the forefront of bringing and stocking the latest abattoir machinery for pig and pork processing throughout the country - from slaughterhouses to meat manufacturers.

And through consultation, we continue to provide helpful insight into how modern-day applications have been designed to speed up your production.

The Benefits of Abattoir Machinery for Slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouses are among the most important components of the meat industry.

Speeding up processing and production, increasing owner’s bottom lines and feeding the ever-increasing demand for pork.

This technology has revolutionised the industry by minimising the stress on animals and improving working conditions for employees.

Furthermore, the benefits of this technology extend beyond the industry as a whole, with improved food safety, better quality products, and increased profitability for those involved in the supply chain.

Here at Kentmaster Ireland, we have a vast range of the latest and best machinery for pork culling. So please browse through our site to find the best solution for you.