Hands Hygiene Wall


• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Water temperature set by mixer
• Activated by knee valve or photocell
• Hydraulic fittings: spout, water mixer, siphon, connection hoses
• Water input: ½”, water output: DN50
• Possible different combinations

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Product No. Type Power supply Water flow time (s) X x Z x Y (mm) Weight (kg) Additional options Regulation of the photocell operating field (cm)
Washbasin Sterilizer
WH141 large panel, knee-valve washbasin 230 V ≈ 7 950 x 420 x 1150 31
WH142 large panel, washbasin with photocell AC 230 V 50-60 Hz or DC 6 V (4 batteries AA) 230 V ≈ 15 950 x 420 x 1150 31 remote control to regulate the water flow (15–60 s) 20–60
adapted for hanging
included: dispenser WH17 for paper towels, fluid dispenser WH181 0,5 l, waste bin WH07 and sterilizer WH091
possible other combinations

Additional information

Weight 31 kg

large panel, knee-valve washbasin, large panel, washbasin with photocell