Velox CPC 3 Knife Cage


Velox CPC 3 Knife Cage


The new CPC Series of customisable knife holders, part of the “CUTLERY PROJECT HACCP” has been designed by VELOX BARCHITTA to facilitate all knife handling operations, from use through washing to disinfecting and storing. CPC knife holders act as a safety sheath while the knives are being transported, with a special closure to prevent them from falling out.

They can be used as knife holders hanging from the work surface and can be removed at the end of the work session without leaving traces of dirt as with the old-style polyzene holders. They then become an effective holder for washing in the cutlery washing machine and later for storing the knives in AR SERIE disinfecting cabinets.

You can also number the baskets or mark them directly with the name of the operator responsible for the knives they contain, thus making them an invaluable tool to help trace use and maintenance of the working tools by the operator.


Table support for knives in stainless steel for CPC series

The CPCcages are equipped with a sort of horizontal gate safety closing that blocks the knives without locks,
though avoiding their coming out

Model A (mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) X(mm) Y(mm) Z(mm)

CPC 3     100 70 320 475 555 50 325 185