Walk-Through Washer For Upper Parts Of The Boots


  • Material: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Handle ensures stable position during washing
  • Activated by mechanical switch or photocell
  • Water supply: ½ “
  • Sewage system: DN 50
  • Automatic fluid intake
  • Simple brush replacement

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Product No. Type Brushes Power supply (V) X x Z x Y (mm) Weight (kg) Standard version Additional option
WH043 mechanical switch 3 pcs of vertical 3 x 400, 50 Hz 1156 x 1052* / 1652 130 works in one direction WH044DWAK – works in two directions
WH044 photocell
* length with steps
walk-through washer for pair of soles

Additional information

Weight 130 kg

mechanical switch, photocell